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Pelvis and hip xray quiz | Study guide for radiology student

Pelvis and hip xray quiz | Study guide for radiology student

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This is an annotated pevis and hip x-ray quiz to help you learn radiology anatomy.

📸 The quiz features annotated x-rays including :
    ✓ Pelvic anteroposterior (AP) view
    ✓ Hip AP view
🦴 Main structures highlighted
    ✓ Bones
    ✓ Joints
    ✓ Pelvic and hip lines
📥 Direct downloads available after purchase
📄 PDF file format (No physical items will be shipped)
🧠 41 questions for active recall training (one question per page - get to the next page to find the solution)
🎨 Colorful insights to highlight key anatomical features

As a fellow radiology student, I've spent countless hours scratching my head over radiological anatomy, trying to create my own document to learn more efficiently. This quiz is one of my homemade resources, carefully designed help you learn radiology and save time! 💪
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